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The Aldasians call them stonemen. In the nomad tongue of Kedesh, they are known as the goliaths. They are the Fellborn, and they have been touched by the realm of Ur. Some places are closer to the domain of the Brother: great deserts, mighty mountains, or deep caves. Over time, the inhabitants of some of these places have been changed by the magic of the earth god, Ur, into creatures resembling a smaller version of the ancient giants.

They are much larger than humans, and have the physical strength to match their size. Their skin resembles polished stone, and ranges in hue from sand-red to granite, and their minds mirror their physical appearance. A typical Fellborn prefers order and structure, and dislikes the chaotic nature of sky magic. They produce great sculptors, architects, and warriors. Fellborn fighters are known not only for their brute strength, but for their dedication to training.

The Fellborn are the most common of the non-human mortals in Edom, and they are widely accepted in human society. Gath, the second largest city in Kedesh, is mostly populated by Fellborn.

Also, they eat rocks sometimes.

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